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Password Strength
Credit Card Number
Validation Logic

There are 3 validations, namely:

  1. Username is required
  2. Username input requires at least 8 characters
  3. Username input only accepts alphabets, number, dash (-) and underscore (_)
Sample Code
export const formResolver: Resolver<FormValue> = async (values) => { const errors: FieldErrors<FormValue> = {}; const requiredUsername = requiredValidator( values.username, "Please provide username" ); errors.username = requiredUsername ? requiredUsername : usernameValidator(values.username); const keys = Object.keys(errors); const allUndefined = keys.every((key) => !errors[key as keyof FormValue]); return { values: values || {}, errors: allUndefined ? {} : errors, }; }
TypeScript & JavaScript Codebase Icon

TypeScript & JavaScript Codebase

Validex provides functions in both TypeScript and JavaScript, ensuring scalability and compatibility with any of your React project.

Codes that are in TypeScript and JavaScript
Flexible Validation Options Icon

Flexible Validation Options

Choose your validation approach to fit your needs. Whether you prefer functions with or without regex (when applicable), You can pick a function to use in your React form.

Validation functions with both regular expressions (regex) and non-regex methods
React Compatibility Icon

React Compatibility

The form validation collection is designed to work with any React UI (MUI, Ant Design or Chakra) or form library (React Hook Form or Formik) Make it the ideal companion for your diverse development environments.

Validator made for any React UI (MUI, Ant Design, Chakra) or form library (React Hook Form, Formik)
Customize With Ease Icon

Customize With Ease

Crafted with flexibility in mind, validation functions provided by Validex can be modified easily, ensuring they align with your specific requirements.

Easy to customize validation functions for specific needs and requirements
Production Ready Icon

Production Ready

We take our form validations seriously. Every piece of code is rigorously tested and production ready. Each validator has a set of unit test (spec.ts) to demonstrate reliability.

Every validator comes with a unit test (spec.ts) for reliability
Developer Friendly Icon

Developer Friendly

Our comprehensive documentation is designed for easy navigation with clear structures and categories. The guide is, complemented by an interactive demo which you can test our validators with, making your journey with Validex smoother.

Interactive demo with comprehensive documentation for better experience

Continuous Support and Update

We aim to expand and improve the form validation collection to
significantly reduce your time on React form development.

Validations for Email, Phone, Password, String, Numeric, Selection, BIC, IBAN, URL and more...
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Copy and paste

No library needed. Just copy from Validex and paste to use in your React form

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Download Zip

Download validations for offline use. Zip has files like readme, JS & TS codes and unit tests.

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Smart VS Code Plugin

Install Validex plugin. Simply start typing a validator to add it into your React form.

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